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Saristi Digest Organic Herbal Tea Blend Golden Edition Carton Cylinder 30g

SARISTI Digest Organic Herbal Tea Blend, Golden Edition, Carton Cylinder

Sip on a Soothing Blend ! Meet your new after-meal ritual. Digest Organic Herbal Tea Blend will mellow out an upset stomach and help things run smoothly. This earthy blend embodies notes of chamomile, fennel , and clove. It is rounded out with a subtle hint of cumin for optimal comfort and relief. Luxurious Carton Cylinder Box including, 15 muslin hand stitched Organic Herbal Blend sachets .Net Weight 30g. Organic Ingredients : Chamomile, Fennel Seed, Cumin, Clove , Gentiana .


Producer: Saristi

Category: SPICES & HERBS